Professional Tuition


Whether you’re a novice wanting to start off on the right footing and increase your confidence on the track, or more experienced and want to learn the art of “getting your knee down”, some professional and friendly tuition is the way to go.

Our team of qualified ACU instructors are completely free for all riders and will be available to help you get the most out of your trackday experience at each Classic Bike Trackday event. Tuition will help identify areas where you can improve your riding, including your body position on the bike, braking points, lines through the corners, entry and exit speed.

Novices will receive priority early in the day as part of their booking, whilst the more experienced riders are welcome to have tuition throughout the day once we've taken care of our newcomers - simply ask a member of CBT staff or one of our instructors directly.

In addition to the tuition on track, all our instructors will be happy to answer questions during the day and our chief instructor will give a riding skills seminar in the paddock during the lunch break which is free for everyone to attend.


Track Insurance

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We understand your classic bike is very precious to you, and that you may be concerned about taking it on track. Having track insurance on any trackday is not compulsory, but you should be aware that track activity is usually excluded from your standard motorbike insurance policy, therefore cover has to be extended accordingly.

There’s nothing quite like peace of mind which is why we’ve approached specialist insurance broker Pace Ward on your behalf to create an insurance policy which offers exceptional track cover for your classic bike at very competitive rates.

Pace Ward trackday insurance for motorbikes provides essential cover in the event of an accident on the track, and just as on the road, almost 50% of track day claims are not the fault of the rider but having trackday insurance means your bike is repaired quickly and without any fuss.

The policy provides the following cover:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Fire Cover
  • Any modifications are covered on a ‘Like for Like‘ basis

What is excluded:

  • Damage to Third Party motorbikes
  • All Mechanical Failures
  • Breakdown
  • Personal Injury


  • Up to £6200 value - £63.00
  • Up to £7000 value -  £69.36
  • Up to £8000 value - £77.84
  • Up to £9000 value - £86.32
  • Up to £10,000 value - £94.80
  • Up to £11,000 value - £103.28
  • Up to £12,000 value - £111.76
  • Up to £13,000 value - £120.24
  • Up to £14,000 value - £128.72
  • Up to £15,000 value - £137.20

The excess on each of the above is 15% of the value subject to a minimum of £1000 Premiums shown above are inclusive of all taxes – no hidden extras

Personal Accident Cover

Personal Accident cover is also available to provide cover for your loss of earnings should you have an accident on the track and you are unable to work – which is particularly important if you are self-employed.


For further information on any of the above or to book cover for your bike, please contact Pace Ward on 01782 286311


Onsite Mechanic

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A number of you will already know Griff from Aprilia Performance – hugely knowledgeable and already a legend with the spanners, he will either be in the organisers garage or somewhere prominent in the paddock gassing or tinkering with bikes, and will always do everything in his power to keep your classic on track. If he can’t be found in his ‘garage’ he’s probably walking around the paddock asking if anyone needs a hand!




You're in great hands at any CBT event if you have any tyre queries & problems or even wish to buy tyres for your classic, as Continental will continue to support CBT events in 2014 through Tyres4Bikes with a tyre fitting service and a great range of Continental tyres for classic bikes. If you want to place an order prior to a trackday just call 01775 840254 or 07923 522304

Andy from Watling Tyres who has supported CBT from our first event will also continue to be on hand at all our trackdays to help all riders with tyre advice and pressures.  




Xtreme Sports Photogrpahy.jpg

Xtreme Sports Photography will be present at all Classic Bike Trackdays events taking high quality action photos of you and your bike on circuit. They will be circulating around the track throughout the day taking thousands of high resolution shots from all angles making you look great, so you have the best record of you and your classic bike in action!

All images will be available for you to browse on flat screen monitors during the afternoon and all can be copied to CD so you’re able to take them home – no waiting, no fuss, and yours to do with as you wish!

If you have any questions please contact Nick or Chrissie on the email below:-