Paddock Information

  • The paddock is always a busy environment with a large number of people and activity. Please ride/drive slowly paying attention to those around you and abide by the 5mph speed limit
  • Dangerous and irresponsible riding in the Paddock is not accepted by CBT and the venues, or appreciated by other riders attending the trackday. Any wheelies, stoppies, erratic and irresponsible riding etc, will result in immediate expulsion from the venue
  • Helmets, gloves and full riding gear must be worn at all times while the motorcycle is moving
  • Start times of engines and/or generators at circuit vary, but 8:45am as a general rule
  • Fuel is sometimes available at the circuit, but will be more expensive than usual. You are welcome to bring extra fuel, but please ensure it is stored properly in jerry cans and kept in a safe place. Be extremely careful when refilling fuel tanks especially if the engine is still hot, if you have a fire extinguisher it’s always sensible to have it nearby
  • Please do not smoke in the paddock
  • No children are allowed to ride motorcycles in the paddock


    Pit Lane Information

    • The pit lane must be kept clear at all times to allow emergency vehicles access to the circuit
    • It is forbidden to sit on the pit wall
    • It is forbidden to re-fuel in pit lane
    • It is forbidden to smoke in the pit lane, garages or paddock, or anywhere where there may be fuel
    • It is forbidden to store fuel in the pit lane
    • Strictly NO time keeping, pace making, pit boards or data logging is allowed
    • No children under the age of 16 years are allowed in the pit lane / on the pit wall