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12 & 13 April - Classic Bike Burn Up, Castle Combe 
25 & 26 May - WCMF, Anglesey 
22 & 23 June - Suzuki Live, Cadwell Park 
26 July - Donington Park 
23 August - Oulton Park 
21 & 22 September - Cadwell Moto, Cadwell Park 


We've all done it!! Ok it was a long time ago when we jumped on our Fizzies - or your moped of choice - back when we were spotty faced 16 year olds, and raced off in a haze of blue smoke to the chippy on the other side of town for a bag of chips . . . and sausage if we were feeling flush. 
Decades later the Welsh Classic Motorcycle Festival offers you the chance to relive your youth on the Saturday evening with the WCMF Chippy Run - jump aboard your trusty steed and take a ride out to get your chips . . . and don't forget plenty of salt n' vinegar!!  
Of course you don't need to be riding a FS1E or any moped for that matter - all bikes are welcome and pillions too, it's just for the fun of it, and who doesn't like a bag of chips on a Saturday night?! 
The Chippy Run will kick off at 6pm once the track sessions and show have come to a close and the spectators have dispersed, so everyone who'd like to take part will be able to do so. We're hoping the guys from Bike Safe will lead the run out and keep it all fun and sensible as it will be on public roads.  
We think it will be a great spectacle and we simply can't wait . . . hell, we might even buy a moped so we can join in!! 
So we know how many people want to take part and also give the Chippy a list of orders so you don't have to wait for your food, please click the link below and complete the quick Chippy Run Form - and don't forget the chips aren't free!  
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